4-in-1 and 3-in-1 Gel Workshops

Each new product requires a specific training. How this NEW 4-in-1 Gel Gel can be successful for your salon. Learn how to work with BFLEX.

The ProNails 3-in-1 builder gels, the MASTER & ONE LED gels, have been especially developed to reduce service time without compromising on quality and final result. Subscribe now if you are ready to boost your business!

4 in 1 Gel BFLEX

Discover how this Gel can be successful for your salon, Discover how to work with BFLEX  and apply different looks: colour, natural, French and Babyboom.

Start to gel with BFLEX

This workshop is for all professionals who master the application of semi-permanent nail polish but not yet the application of gel and who wish to master the new "Natural Nail Beauty" trend.

Master workshop

As an experienced nail technician, with a fully charged agenda, saving time and making profit is paramount to you. Book your FREE MASTER Workshop and learn how to boost your salon’s profit.

Master Babyboom workshop

This is a great trend that is here to stay: babyboom nails! With the new Master Babyboom and Master Pale White you can now achieve this super trendy Master Babyboom look. For certified Master nail stylists only.

Baby Boom one workshop

Learn to create the super trendy One Babyboom look. Get the same quality & time saving as with the Master but enjoy the thicker structure of the gel. Whatever suits you best!

Manicure & Pedicure workshops

Taking your first steps into nail, hand or foot care? Or expanding your knowledge with the Baby Manicure techniques. Discover what we have to offer you.

Baby Manicure workshop

The ProNails Baby Manicure is safe, fast and easy. The result is absolutely stunning. It leaves the cuticles looking clean and fresh, making them look totally rejuvenated and soft like baby skin.

For medium & advanced experience level.

Manicure workshop

Manicures are a simple and basic procedure? At ProNails we think differently! A manicure is a luxury treatment, the ultimate moment of pampering your customers.

Get all our tips & tricks during this workshop. And remember that a top quality manicure demands perfection of the nail professional!

Cosmetic pedicure workshop

A spa pedicure is an essential service on your list of salon treatments. This service is particularly appreciated in spring & summer.

You will learn all about the Foot Care products, how to use them and how they can give your turnover a boost. 

Filing techniques

During this workshop, you will learn how to file and file techniques for beautiful nail styling in a safe, quick and efficient way. You will also learn how to file structure faster and touch up gel nails with the help of your router.



During this workshop you will learn the two techniques. You will learn to remove Sopolish by soaking and peeling. Depending on the type of the nail of your client and the base you choose, the removal will be different. Sopolish semi-permanent nail polish is a fast salon treatment that gives the perfect result for up to 3 weeks (if you use the Structure Base) or for 2 weeks (if you use Easy Soak or Easy Peel). And a certain guarantee: no nail damage! Never, ever! 

Other Workshops

Trend Looks workshop

New season, new nail art ! Every change of season, ProNails organises a New Trend Looks workshop to keep you up-to-date.
Curious about the new trends?

Switch to ProNails workshop

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  Get the look 

DIY with our easy nail art looks!

  Tech Talk 

Get all the insights and tips on the most relevant topics for professionals.


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