A manicure is the perfect moment to hit the pause button and forget about your worries, while dreaming away about your ideal future. Every new colour on your nails is like a fresh start full of new opportunities. When envisioning your future, do you also visit that soft-coloured dreamy landscape, that oasis of peace and tranquility, full of positive energy? This fantastical place that only exists in our minds, is what inspired our ‘DREAMSCAPE’ collection.

This collection offers a supernatural colour palette that aligns you with your best self, giving you a reset from the daily grind. With the ProNails Dreamscape collection, you feel good, recharged and ready for a brighter future to become real, thanks to a new colour on your nails! 


Manicures, the halo of your soul. If you want to shine bright, you deserve hands that light up your personality. This luminous light yellow is as soft as butter on your fingertips and brings you to a smooth and perfect state of existence, somewhere between dreams and reality.  


Your manicure literally is the expression of your imagination. Only strong minds can create their own future. This soft and modest pink says it all: your future looks light & bright! 


Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s deeds. A dream world of your own is not utopia, you really hold the keys! Wear confidence on the outside and speak your mind through your nails. This peaceful and balanced peachy shade will make you feel fully charged. A healthy peachy blush on your face will appear out of nowhere. 


Bring things that make you euphoric closer, remove anything unwanted from your mind.
You’re at the centre of your life. Let the world spin on its own. 



Do you know what you stand for? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Your uniqueness is created out of your dreams and to be admired in 3D. You are a sculpture, an example of persistence, indestructible yet approachable.

Who wouldn’t want to check out these nails up close? 


This pinkish glitter lets you dream away to a magnificent sunrise in a paradise somewhere.
This soft yet sparkly colour totally matches your lust for life! 

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