Glamping Collection

A collection for eco-warriors that love to combine outdoor glamour with a vintage vibe!

When it comes to colours, we see a warm autumnal colour palette of mostly different shades of brown, combined with ochre and tangerine or dark reds. As eco-warriors, we of course want to leave as small a footprint as possible on the untouched nature we visit. That’s why these colours are inspired by nature and natural pigments, and by recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as bio-sourced materials, like vegan leather!

The 6 new professional nail colours will allow you to offer this trend in your salon, because in winter 2022, true Glamping Girls simply do not visit "the great outdoors" without professionally painted nails that can survive all kinds of weather!

Out Glamping


Out Glamping greyisch beige canvas

This stylish neutral nail look is perfect if you are dressed unicolour from head-to-toe in canvas beige, yet combines equally well with a colourful outdoor outfit.

Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood yellowish undertone

This winter you’ll combine 50 shades of brown and more in your looks, inspired by all the different colours of reclaimed wood you find at your weekend getaway cabin.

Chai Spice


Orange-brown nail colour

After a hike, always make sure to have a nice hot drink waiting for you. And because you know what is good for you, you go for a turmeric Chai Latte of course. This rusty orange-brown nail colour definitely adds some extra healthy spice to your looks.



Beetroot Boost dark beet red

Being one with nature also means: Eat your veggies! This healthy dark beet red colour stimulates your blood circulation and gives your self-confidence a boost!




When you find yourself surrounded by nature, you feel unstoppable, and your heart is untamable! This powerful natural red is a strong signal, both in nature and in your outfit!




This leathery reddish-brown shade is for sure the it-colour of this season, and combines perfectly with your new on-trend vegan leather pants, dress or shirt. If even Pamela Anderson releases a handbag line in eco-responsible ethical apple leather, then you know these new materials are here to stay.