Why should you choose a Soft French look?

The Soft French Look is a discrete and subtle french manicure that will make your client's nails look very clean, fresh and naturally healthy. With the Master gels you can obtain this fresh look by using the Master Frosted Pink and the Master Pale White.

The ProNails Master Frosted Pink is a low viscosity 3-in-1 LED gel in a bottle. This incredibly strong 3-in-1 builder gel provides a very strong adhesion and gives strenght to the natural nail with an impeccable shine after curing.

The ProNails Pale White is also a low viscosity 3-in-1 LED gel. This pale white coloured gel allows a perfect soft french white application.

Time savings up to 30 minutes can be achieved. All Master gels cure in 30 seconds in the Smart Light and there is no filing needed afterwards.

For the French Manicure you do have more possibilities now. You can create either and Intense French look with the thin brush of the Master French White, or a Soft French look with the Master Pale White. In fact, the Master Pale White, with its wide Master brush can also be used in a Pale White full colour application.

How to create the look

  • Natural nail preparation: Sander Fine 6000RPM​

  • Primer: Acid Free, if need to use Universal primer or No Lines, combine with Flexi Base gel​

  • Base to use: Master Frosted Pink, 5 finger application & cure 30 sec SOFT 

  • As french layer: Master Pale White: 4+1 finger application & cure 30 sec FULL

  • As builder & gloss layer: Master Frosted Pink: 4+1 finger application & cure 30 sec SOFT

Master Products used to create the a soft French Look