Why LongWear Nail Polish?

As a brand trusted by many beauty professionals, we actually believe it’s normal
women today only want the very best.

Beauty should be perfect, simple and long lasting.
Professional and luxuriously looking perfect nails!

They could be yours thanks to the ProNails LongWear Nail Polish.

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Choosing your colour was never so easy.




The LongWear Colourfix Technology is a smart innovation that takes care of a record wear time.
Thanks to their unique formula, the combination of LongWear Start, Colour and LongWear Finish will join forces to create a strong bond. 

This combination makes LongWear stronger and more durable than any other regular nail polish. 

How does the Colourfix Technology work?
When applying a layer of LongWear Finish, light will activate the cross-linking with the underlying layers. The LongWear Finish, as well as the LongWear Start and the LongWear Colours are all part of the ColourFix Technology and can only work together. Replacing one component by a different product will break the system.

LongWear Start

  • Protects the nail plate from discolouring
  • Prevents chipping
  • Prolongs wearability

LongWear Colour

  • Impressive coverage, more than 150 colours
  • Lasts twice as long as regular nail polish
  • Apply in 2 thin layers

LongWear Finish

  • ‚ÄčIncredible Shine
  • LongWear ColourFIX Technology™
  • Guarantees a record-setting wear time


How to use

You don’t have to be a nail stylist to apply LongWear Nail Polish. We developed the brush for a superfast and easy application: it’s flat, rounded and spreads out when you use it. Very practical for home use!
But nothing can compare to the professional expertise of a ProNails expert though. Have your favourite LongWear colour applied to your nails after a refreshing manicure in your favourite salon and your hands will shine like never before!